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Visit the Farm this Holidays

South Australia is filled with wonderful places to explore. This holidays we went out to Biggs Flat to check out the Jurlique Farm and it was a beautiful day!

I took my daughter (7), niece (6) and my sister to have an adventure during the holidays. We were greeted by a perfect summer day and a tranquil landscape ready to be explored.


Ulrike Klein, Jurlique Co-Founder

Although the farm itself is huge, they have created a concept or display garden where they take you through each of the elements of the farm where you can experience it all hands on.

I loved learning what “bio-dynamic” actually means, and LOVED discovering they way the plants are picked by hand. Not only does that mean that you only get the best flowers picked at the right time, but also, more jobs for real people.

While I am an avid gardener (obsessively taking notes and wishing that they sold seeds of all the plants we saw) my sister is not. And while she was impressed that there was such care taken, it was not her take away. For her, she was intrigued by all the benefits found in such common household plants. It was hard not to notice how many solutions God has hidden in nature around us.

Miss 7 was a little bored – but got to collect a sample of all the flowers that we were shown. She even took it home to create her own special perfume (which honestly smelt better than I had expected, but no, we are not keeping it even if she does think it’s the best thing ever). I thought Miss 6 was rather bored as well, but she later asked her Mum to take her back again another day. Just quietly I’m kinda hoping that scores me some “good aunty” points!

That being said I think it’s probably better to take kids who are either older or more into gardening than my two.

If you do head up this holidays remember to pack sunscreen, a hat, camera and a notebook for all the cool things you are going to learn!

Check out how here.

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