Aiden in the Arvo

Aiden In the Arvo is infectious fun on your way home. It’s banter on the day's news, interviews, and your chance to win prizes, prizes prizes. Get involved by calling through on 1300 77 1079! Tune in to Life FM from 3pm-6pm weekdays for Aiden in the Arvo.

About Aiden

‘Aiden In The Arvo’ is not what his mum put on the birth certificate back in the 80s. But during the hours of 3-6pm each day, much like millionaire bachelor Bruce Wayne becomes Batman, Aiden Grant becomes Aiden In The Arvo. Unlike Batman’s useful utility belt though, Aiden is armed with an over the top knowledge of pop culture and a tongue in cheek sense of humour.

Songs That Changed You

Songs That Changed You is Aiden’s own award winning podcast. Each episode, Aiden is joined by a guest to discuss a song that has had a profound impact on their life and their journey in faith.

Tune in to Life FM every Wednesday afternoon at 4:30pm for the latest episode, and catch up on past episodes wherever you listen to podcasts. Songs That Changed You will be back in February 2024.

Mum Chat Mondays

Each Monday arvo, Aiden is joined by ‘The Mum Of The Show’ Ps Donna Hall from Revival City Church. She and Aiden chat through common parenting issues and attempt to solve everything…. or at least make life just that little bit easier for the mums of Adelaide. Have a listen to some of their past discussions below, covering everything from hiding vegetables to anger triggers.