We have some amazing volunteers working with us here at Life FM. Some of them you’ll know from on-air, others work behind the scenes. Here’s a short run-down on the people you’re most likely to hear, see, or talk to on the phones during the work week. Make sure you say hi if you see them in town!

Takeover Announcer

Daz is studying Media & Journalism, and is currently the Takeover’s longest running member, having joined since early 2018!

If you’ve heard Daz before, you probably know that he’s a big fan of KFC (especially the Original Tenders Box), and often shares all about his kentucky fried experiences on air!

When Daz isn’t on air talking about KFC or what’s trending on YouTube, he’s either binge-watching Survivor or live-streaming his own gaming content on Twitch!

Follow Daz on:

Instagram: @david.howard-jones

Twitch: DeltaDaveLive

Takeover and Amped Announcer

Hello there!

Oli studied Marketing at the University of South Australia and has been a long standing metal head since hearing the soothing tunes of Linkin Park on Toonami many years ago…… 

When not on air with Maz and the Team or hosting Amped on Monday nights, Oli preoccupies himself with movies and popular culture. Other times, he’s painting or sitting back and listening to an album…… over a glass of milk of course.

“I drink milk and I know things”

Follow Oli on Insta @phillipsrooney

The Roadies Volunteer

Also known as “Switched on Sharon” in The Roadies.

She enjoys being out with the team every Monday bringing joy the community, meeting listeners and introducing new people to 1079 Life.

A stay at home mum who loves the crafty side to life like knitting and sewing.  

The Roadies Volunteer and Announcer

Catch Pomfus/ aka “Pete on the Street” every Monday with The Roadies or hear him on the airwaves each Saturday in the Pomfus & Jodie Show!

Pomfus has been volunteering at 1079 Life since 2006 starting off in the Nitelife. His hobbies are cars and photography, especially aviation.

Takeover Announcer

Lauren has volunteered in community radio for over 6 years and has been a volunteer at 1079 Life for 18 months.

Lauren loves ice cream and all sorts of bakery goods. You can most often find her op shopping or binge watching tv shows in her spare time.

Find her on Instagram: @laurenmayf_

Production Volunteer

Music is an important part of my life and I have been playing flute for 8 years as well as bass guitar. I’ve also been doing external studies at the Adelaide Audio Institute for Audio Engineering and Music Production. I’m a massive Essendon fan and love Taylor Swift’s music

Grassroots SA Sports Show Announcer

Andrew is married to Karen and between them they have 3 children: Tom, Amy and Jack. They have an amazing dog named Gypsy. They attend Gateway Baptist Church and are heavily involved in the Port District Football Club. Andrew is the Junior President, Karen and Andrew are Sports Chaplains and Jack is a player.

Sunday Night Talk Announcers

Having been Pastors for 50 years, Paul and Laureen love working together to help people to enjoy a fulfilling life. Their life has included many different experiences, all adding to their message. They also love to have fun and banter, because, “Laughter is good medicine”. Sunday Night Talk is a major highlight of their week. Their goal on SNT is to present current affairs from an ethical perspective through a wide variety of topics.

Takeover Announcer

Holly has recently joined the takeover team and has been loving it ever since! She spends most of her time dancing, youth leading, and baking! She adores Jesus, dogs, sushi and pretty sunsets.

Roadies Volunteer

You will find me most Monday mornings at 11 out and about with the Roadies, this is a great privilege, we meet the listeners and hear their stories of how the station has helped them through the good and bad days.. You will also occasionally hear me on the Pomfus and Jodie program Saturdays.

I was an original volunteer for Alta Mira, way back in the day.. 

I am now retired and have a busy time helping with grandchildren and volunteering with Kairos Outside, a branch of Kairos Prison Ministry Australia, I am also the choir trainer at my local primary School for the Festival of Music and I also sing with Illumina Voices.Then of course I have church commitments too.