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About Us

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Life FM is a community radio station serving the people of Adelaide by broadcasting family-focused, positive content and music that brings hope.

The vision of Life FM is to be contemporary, speaking into current issues and presenting the truth from a place of love and humility. The station aims to increase its reach across Adelaide, engaging with the community in a way that enriches lives and builds people up, so lives are changed for the better, influenced for eternity.

As a community radio station, not only are listeners supported, listeners also support Life FM in turn. Life FM values the community support it receives through donations, volunteers and more.



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Wonderful Stories from our Listeners


Love that I can play your station all day with no fear of my children hearing something they shouldn’t. I really appreciate all that the station does. Thank you!

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1079 Life has brought me hope, positivity and God’s message during this year’s trying times. I cannot imagine the airwaves without such a positive and people-oriented station!

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When I had nothing left, turning the radio on for the drive home and getting positive messages would help me keep me going for that little bit longer – reminding me to keep relying on God. Life FM has honestly been part of my recovery over the last 12 months. Thank you!

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Thank you for providing a positive station to listen to, it helps me connect with God and feel at peace.

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Life FM Policies and Operating Documents


At Life FM, we believe in being open and honest with our listeners and the wider community. This means that the policies from which we operate need to be transparent and accessible for our listeners and anyone else who may have questions about who we are and why we do what we do.

You can download and read our policy manual by right clicking and opening the below link in a new tab.

Policy Manual 2021