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Upcoming AGM

Life FM is a Community Radio station and it’s that time of year again. members and friends of Christian Radio Inc t/a Life FM are warmly invited to attend the Annual General Meeting. Please note that only financial members will be allowed to vote at the meeting.




Thursday 30th May 2024

7:00 pm

Life FM Board Room

3 Lumiere Lane, Butler Drive, Hendon, 5014

The business of the meeting will be:

(a) Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting 25th May 2023.

(b) Presentation of Annual reports.

(c) Election of members to the Board.

(d) Election of Auditor.

(e) Tour Of Station followed by Light Refreshments

Please note that notices of motion for Annual General Meeting need to be given to the Secretary no later than fourteen days prior to the date of the meeting and shall be circulated to all members no later than seven days prior to the date of the meeting. A copy of the constitution is available at

Please RSVP to for catering, food allergies and other purposes.

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