Bec & Liam

Nobody loves Adelaide like Bec & Liam so get your fill of local news, relevant stories, fun, and a good laugh every morning. Wake up the right way 6am-9am weekdays on Life FM.

Meet Bec and Liam

Born and raised in Brisbane, Liam comes with that Aussie factor. New to the radio world, you’ll hear him bring the fun and hype to ‘Bec & Liam’ every weekday morning.

With over a decade in the radio industry under her belt, and going into her 7th year on the breakfast show, Bec likes to think she knows a little bit about everything when it comes to Adelaide. She’s an award winning wedding cake designer, loves her heavy metal, and has a keen interest in American sports (apparently one person can like all those things). With an infectious laugh and a new partner in crime, it’s sure to be a fun and interesting start to your day.


Getting to Know Liam

Bec & Liam is Life FM’s brand new breakfast show, having launched for the first time in 2024. For regular breakfast listeners, Bec is a familiar voice, but Liam is brand new on the scene. To help you get to know him, Bec quizzed Liam throughout his first week on the show. Have a listen below to get to know your new breakfast co-host!

The Fresh Principal

Join Bec & Liam each Thursday at 8am as they talk all things back to school, parent/teacher relationships, education, and schooling transitions with Adelaide’s beloved Fresh Principal Mr. Andrew Ready from Sunrise Christian School Morphett Vale!

The Fresh Principal will be back over the airwaves in February 2024, so stay tuned!