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New Podcast ‘Songs That Changed You’ Already Making a Big Impact

I am always on the lookout for a good podcast. I have a two-hour daily commute and I have found podcasts a great way to pass the time and occasionally learn something new along the way. Every now and then I find a podcast that is deeply impactful. Songs That Changed You is one of those.

107.9 Life FM drive show host Aiden Grant has recently launched Songs That Changed You. Each episode he is joined by a guest to discuss a song that has had a profound impact on their life and their journey in faith. Having hosted several podcasts in the past, including The Australian podcast award-winning Vinyl-Soul, this not Aiden’s first foray into podcasting.

“I’m super excited by this new project because it combines two of my greatest loves, music and God’ says host Aiden Grant, “Our faith can sometimes be tough to share with others but using the launching point of our favorite song makes it easier. It’s funny already I have been contacted by several people who have no interest in God or even Christian Radio but have really enjoyed the podcast and got something out of it. It is so awesome to see God moving in people’s lives through this.”

Our faith can sometimes be tough to share with others but using the launching point of our favorite song makes it easier.

Guests for season one include 89.9 The Lights Breakfast host Lucy Holmes, former playschool presenter Colin Buchanan, 4-time Grammy winner Mark Lee Townsend, and former Hillsong Pastor Nathan Finochio among others.

The trailer and first two episodes are online now with new episodes dropping every Tuesday and then simulcast on Life FM the next day in Aiden’s drive show.

Available on Spotify, Apple Podcast, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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