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8 Outdoor Activities For The Summer Holidays

It can be difficult to decide what to do in the summer school holidays. With an increased risk of sunburn or heatstroke, it might be a challenge to choose what to do outside. So, here is a list of 8 entertaining activities for you.

When you are enjoying your day outside remember to slip, slop, slap, seek, and slide to protect yourself from sunburn. Make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day also.

  1. Have a picnic or visit the park

South Australia has lots of parks you can visit. Many – not all – has a playground that kids can enjoy. Nature Play SA has a wonderful list of “SA’s best adventure and nature playgrounds” scattered across the state.

  • Explore the hiking trails

Go out and get some fresh air and discover the range of hiking trails in South Australia. Walking SA has a search webpage recommending trails near you.

  • Treasure hunt

Can you find the treasure? Create a list of objects you can find in the location around you. Gum nuts, pebbles, curved sticks, there are treasures all around us. What can you uncover? Here is a plan for organising the treasure hunt.

  • Bug hunting

Explore the world of insects and their itty-bitty lives. There are so many to discover. From dragonflies to butterflies, there is a lot to learn about them. Nation Geographic Kids has 25 cool things about bugs!

  • Plant a plant

Keeping a plant alive can be difficult but it is an enjoyable past time. During the summer season, it can be a little bit more difficult because of the sun withering the leaves and petals, but growing one for the indoor décor can be another option. Here is a list of 15 impossible-to-kill outdoor plants.

  • Visit the beach or swimming pool

It is important to keep cool during those sweltering days. Jump in the pool or run in the ocean and cool off. It is good to consider how many people will be at the beach and the best time to go so you can get the best spot. While the beach is free, the swimming pool – unless you have your own – can cost (prices vary depending on location).

  • Go on a bike ride

Dust off the two wheels and go for a ride around the neighbourhood or a longer distance. Be cautious of cars and pedestrians.

  • Camping trips

Experience cooking with a portable stove, sleeping under the stars, and get closer to nature. It is unlikely that you will need a sleeping bag, although some nights can get cold. Nature Play SA has 9 family camping spots.

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