Play TAG with the Life FM Roadies

Don't throw away your old bread tags! Give them to the Life FM Roadies and we will recycle them to provide wheelchairs for people in need in South Africa.

Collection Points

Bring your bread tags to the Life FM Roadies each Monday or drop them off to the following collection points:

  • Life FM – 3 Lumiere Lane, Hendon
  • Auto One Clovercrest – 92 Kelly Road, Modbury
  • Assured Home Care – 20 Rosslyn St. Mile End South

How it Works

A generous recycler in Robe – Transmutation – recycles the bread tags you give to us. We receive cash for our bread tags and the proceeds are sent to Bread Tags for Wheelchairs in South Africa, a group who help adults and children with disabilities obtain much needed wheelchairs. It takes around 200 kg of bread tags to purchase one wheelchair, so every bread tag counts.

We are also partnering with Aussie Bread Tags for Wheelchairs. Together, our aim is to create more collection points all over Australia. To host or find out about other collection points contact 

Your Impact

We have funded 90 wheelchairs through your bread tag donations! Make a difference to the environment and to someone’s life. To help reduce waste and be environmentally friendly bring your bread tags along in paper bags, cardboard boxes or other materials that can be recycled.

Through YOUR amazing efforts at collecting bread tags and our partnership with Aussie Bread Tags for Wheelchairs  we are now able to provide more wheelchairs. In addition to funding wheelchairs in South Africa through Bread Tags for Wheelchairs, we are now also collaborating with Wheelchairs for Kids in WA. They build wheelchairs in Perth and ship them to countries around the world. Our first five wheelchairs have gone to children in Jordan.

Together we have changed a life for someone in need.

Tag – you’re it!