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We Have a Heart For Life

Imagine you’re driving through a storm, feeling anxious and alone. The rain is pounding against your windshield, and the fear and anxiety of your life starts to pound on your heart. But then, in the midst of that storm you remember there’s a source of comfort, a community of caring and good people who have invested to make sure there is a voice of life ready to support and guide you through the toughest of times – you turn onto Life FM.

For Melissa your previous investments into a voice of Life became her lifejacket when she felt like she was drowning, providing strength and companionship when she needed it the most. It served as her lifeline, giving her the courage to face the world outside.

“I went through a period of social anxiety during my 20s and when I had to go out, I didn’t want to be on my own. I listened to Life FM as a kid and knew it was going to be there during this period, so I turned it on, and it was the backbone of my car travel and strength.”

Research is telling us 45% of Australians have experienced a mental health challenge at some point in their lives, and a staggering 20% (nearly half of the 45%) have faced such challenges in just the past year. These numbers highlight the pressing need for support and encouragement in our society today.

In the book of Philippians, there is a beautiful passage that speaks about the peace of God beyond any understanding, guarding our hearts and minds. This peace is something we all crave and desperately need, especially in these uncertain times. This peace is what you give a voice to when you invest into Life FM.

By giving to Life FM, you are not only investing in a life jacket of hope (see more in the newsletter), but you will also offer protection and strength to those who are struggling. Your contribution becomes a beacon of hope and life.

If you give your tax-deductible donation now, together, we will create a community where no one feels alone on their journey towards wellness, an abundant life influenced for eternity.

A Heart for Life and Life FM means people will invest:

Give your tax deductible donation and show your heart for life and Life FM and help achieve Life FM’s overall funding goal by the 24th of November.

Our teams at Life FM have also been putting themselves on the line because of their heart for Adelaide and their Heart for Life. You can support their Camp or Glamp challenge by making a donation, or you can create one of your own challenges.


· 45,240 Christian songs played on-air delivering a faith-based world view and hope based response to life.

· 9,776 Positive minutes have been broadcast supporting families, spiritual growth and personal growth and wellbeing.

· 185,000 Lives have been impacted with a message of Life and Hope each month and approximately 87,000 weekly.

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