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Thor: Does Lightning Strike Again?

Some say Thor Love and Thunder is overly comedic and lacks any sense of weight, while others say it’s a fun comic adventure. Yet, despite the divide, the ratings online are still higher than Thor the Dark World which is still a fairly enjoyable film. So how is the film, really?

Thor Love and Thunder is the Thor sequel to Avengers End Game and director/writer & co-Star Tiko Watidi’s second Thor film after Thor Ragnarok. While the feel of a Ragnarok sequel is certainly present, the film very much ups the goofy nature of the director’s previous work. At its very core, Love and Thunder is about a powerful Space Viking Norse Superhero who is trying to find himself. But ultimately the film feels very much like a romantic comedy.

The story itself follows Thor, (Chris Hemsworth) who after the terrible loss of his home and loved ones is once again on a journey of self discovery. But just as soon as we reunite with our hero a new villain arises. Gorr (Christian Bale), is a vengeful father turned villain; who is on a one-man crusade to destroy the mythic pantheon and steal the children of Asgard.

There’s some real talent in this film and the movie stars a slew of well known and charismatic actors. Despite this, Thor Love and Thunder somehow fails to really utilize the talent on screen beyond a surface level. Christian Bale’s performance is the one of the only real standouts; as he immerses himself in the villainy so much that he becomes unrecognizable. Natalie Portman is also a joy to watch and like Gorr; her character feels like the one of the very few on screen with any depth. In many ways, this film lends itself quite well to the uninitiated as Thor himself is a far cry from his Shakespearian style origins in Thor 1. Despite the actor’s obvious charisma, Thor is the butt of many jokes and that may annoy some viewers.

If you’re looking for a laid back night out with plenty of special effects, you might enjoy this one. It is far from Marvel’s best but its better than most of Marvel’s recent offerings, except for Spider-Man.

I’d give Thor Love and Thunder 3 Thunder-Strikes out of 5.

You can listen to some of The Takeover’s impressions of the film right here

Parental advisory: Despite viewing this film becoming a somewhat common family outing, it is classified M for Mature.
It contains an unusual amount of course language for a Marvel film and there is one scene that has repeated reference to some inappropriate content in a joking context.
There is also one scene in particular which may offend some parents. It contains adult themes where a couple of characters discuss their romantic pasts.
The villain is also spooky and may not be suitable for kids under 13.

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