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Strawberry Fun For The Kids

We were running an errand and randomly decided to stop for coffee and let the kids stretch their legs. And it turns out Harvest the Fleurieu was an absolute winner! And not just because it stopped the kids fighting.

There’s a little shop with locally made goodies ranging from jewelry to art, chocolate, bread, and more. Plus a cafe with yummy treats and coffee, that sweet nectar of life.

But wait, the best is yet to come.


Seriously, I sat with my coffee while the kid’s uncle took the kids into the HUGE strawberry patch. I’m pretty sure they would have spent the whole day out there if I had let them.

But fair warning – don’t expect them to share the strawberries, or even for the fruit to last all the way home. So maybe you should get out into that field and pick some berries rather than stay on the sidelines taking photos and sipping coffee!

Or enjoy the break… either way, no judgement!

You can prebook your trip and get more info here.

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