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Songs That Changed You Nominated For a Radio Today Podcast Award!

Our very own Aiden Grant from Aiden in the Arvo launched a podcast this year called Songs That Changed You. Each episode, Aiden is joined by a guest to discuss a song of their choice that has had a profound impact on their life. They discuss the song at length, before playing it for you in full. Songs That Changed You is a finalist for the 2023 Radio Today Podcast of the Year Award in the Indie category.

With guests that include Luke Holt from the Luke and Susie show, acclaimed street artist Leah Grant, and Colin Buchanan, this podcast combines the power of music with incredibly personal stories.

The 2023 Radio Podcast award finalists have been chosen from a large pool of incredible podcasts and Songs that Changed You is the first Christian podcast to have been nominated in the history of the awards.

You can show your support for Aiden by voting for Songs That Changed You here – all you need to do is find it in the Health and Wellbeing Section and click the link. You can hear the podcast on Aiden in the Arvo on a Wednesday afternoon or wherever you listen to your podcasts.

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