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Marriage and Money – Life FM partners with Focus on the Family and Wealth with Purpose

Life Fm is partnering with Focus on the Family Australia and Wealth with Purpose to present a seminar to discuss the importance of managing money well within the marriage relationship.

One of the main things to cause conflict within a marriage is financial stress. What do you do when one is a spender and the other is a saver? Are you finding that your marriage is under pressure as the cost of living rises? Are you finding that you and your spouses are fighting over money more?

You’re not alone. In fact many couples find both marriage and money challenging. But there is great news, with Biblical wisdom and the right tools, you can rekindle your marriage, build healthy finances, get ahead and live a generous life.

  • How do you have conversations that you both feel good about?
  • How to plan for the unexpected and for the future?

Brett and Kate Ryan from Focus on the Family Australia and Alex Cook from Wealth with Purpose will discuss how to strengthen your marriage, in a God honouring way, especially when it comes to managing the family finances.

Our aim is to provide you with keys to manage both your relationship and money effectively so you can build a marriage that doesn’t just survive, but thrive!

For more details and for some free ebook downloads go to

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