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Mario is Lovingly Crafted Showcase of How to Adapt Video Games to the Silver Screen (A Review)

Mario is lovingly crafted showcase of how to adapt video games to the silver screen

Director Aaron Horvath has managed to undertake the impossible task of adapting a beloved video game with an admittedly thin story to the big screen in a way that is not only fun for fans of the games but the general audiences as well.

Starring (Chris Pratt) as Mario and (Charlie Day) as Luigi, Mario depicts two brothers who are struggling to start up their own plumbing business in the real world, but when one particular job goes horribly wrong the pair are sucked through a portal to another world. Upon entering this new world, the brothers are separated and Mario must venture through this new world to save his brother from the clutches of this new world evil conqueror, Bowser, and save the Mushrooms Kingdom while doing it.

It’s no secret that while charming and fun, the Mario video games are paper thin (Sometimes quite literally) when it comes to their story. So it is truly amazing that the writer of this film (Matthew Fogel) was not only able to come up with a movie length story that is faithful to the source material but is also able to thoughtfully and heartedly expand the story, that gives all its cast of characters’ a great deal of personality.

While originally a point of contention when first announced; Chris Pratt brings his A game to the role of Mario. Charlie Day also plays a very amiable and true to game adaptation of Luigi and (Anya Taylor-Joy) as Princess Peach breaths life to what has always previously been a fairly two dimensional character. But the real start of the show is (Jack Black) as Bowser; who makes the evil dragon turtle a real highlight of the movie.

The film is full of heart and utilises its cast of characters’ in a way that feels very true to the source material while also displaying a clear love and care for the games. The film is so well made that it may leave you exiting the theatre with the question of: If they can adapt Mario this well, what could they do with other Nintendo games!?

Mario is very much a young family film, it has plenty of Easter Eggs for both older and younger audiences who have grown up with Mario over the years. The story is a fun and classic light version of the heroes’ journey and is very well made. You also don’t need to be familiar with the games to enjoy Mario, but you will certainly get a lot more out of it if you’re a fan.

I’d give Mario 4 Mega Stars out of 5.

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