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Last-Minute Back-to-School Tips

It’s that time of year: Christmas is done, the New Year is well and truly celebrated, and the new school year is here. We have spoken to mums and put together a list of helpful tips to make easing back into the school easier.

Tip 1

A waterproof library bag! Sounds like an odd must-have I know. If your little one is prone to leaving behind bananas, leaking drink bottles, or other random disasters, a waterproof bag or pouch to use as a library bag can help protect library books and prevent damage.(Thanks to Amanda for this tip).

Tip 2

Sometimes, depending on the school, bags stay outside on hooks. In summer in Australia that means hot school bags. Grab a small ice brick and use it for the lunchbox or grab a lunchbox that has a drink bottle that sits inside it and can be frozen to keep things cool. (Thanks Jessie for this tip).

Tip 3

Make a bulk batch of muffins or other allergy-friendly snacks and freeze them. Have the kids pack their lunchboxes the night before and add a muffin – it will be thawed in time for recess the next day. (Multiple parents shared this tip).

Tip 4

Set up a routine and go through it with the kids before school starts so there is no confusion. Print a list of things to check off in the morning, for younger children, you can use pictures. It helps to keep them on task in the mornings and get everyone out the door on time. (Tip from multiple parents).

Tip 5

Make use of slow cooker meals or pre-freeze some meals for the first few weeks of school. This takes some pressure off dinner time. It allows you to spend some extra time with the kids who might be having trouble adjusting to lots of changes. (Tip from Lorrene).

Tip 6

Make your kids responsible for their own stuff. Make a list of what should be in their school bags (use pictures for non-readers). Have them pack the bags every night. Even younger children can be responsible for what to pack, even if you help them while they learn.

Some little tweaks can make a huge difference in starting a new school year with less chaos. It’s often a huge change for everyone. We’d love to hear your best new school year tips! Email them through to email@1079life.com or give us a call at 8444 5444.

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