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J-Nibb – Tragedy, Healing, Music, and More in This Hip Hope Interview

Last week Scotty was joined on Hip Hope by Ohio native, J-Nibb. J-Nibb has overcome obstacles like depression, anxiety, betrayal, and homelessness to become a voice of encouragement and inspiration to many through his music and public speaking. They also discuss his story of tragedy and testimony after his sporting career was cut short by injury, and his miraculous healing.

They discuss his new song “All God” feat. 1K Phew and his forthcoming album “In My Own Lane”. “All God” is truly to shine light on just how “in it” God is with us, even when we may not see it. “You don’t have to be ready, you just got to be willing”. If you have the willingness, God will do amazing, mind blowing things in you and through you!

Listen to the encouraging interview below:

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