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“Can we just throw this year in the bin and move on to next year?”

As if the last two years weren’t hard enough, this year has certainly brought it’s share of hardship for many of my friends and family, and definitely for me as well.

I can confess to yelling at God earlier this week “Are You SERIOUS? Do You even care at all?”. There is a part of my brain that knows that, yes God does in fact care. It’s right next to the part that knows that we are living with the consequences of sin in this world, consequence we won’t have to see in the next world.

Recently I shared some of my concerns with some very Godly, very wise people. They confirmed for me that Life FM is on the brink of something big spiritually. My personal suspicion is that it is the kind of thing that we won’t even know about until months or years later as the stories of changed lives and communities start coming out. 

What is happening now is that God is maneuvering us into the position He needs us in.

The enemy will use whatever means possible to make us doubt our positioning, our calling.

I have certainly doubted. I even tried resigning earlier this year. It hurts and it’s scary. So how do I know that God really is preparing us? There are some indicators I believe are proofs.

You may recall last year we upgraded the studios. There were literally old components that fell apart as they were being removed, proof that God was holding things together! Now the studios are ready to broadcast better and longer.

The station also took on two new trainees mid last year. These amazing women have helped establish better procedures, and have brought new perspective and energy.

As I speak the first stage of remodeling the station is underway with a fresh new coat of paint. God provided the crew from Mobile Missions Maintenance who volunteered to carry out the work, and Dulux to donate the paint.

I’ll be honest and share that there was a part of me that felt guilt at taking the time to do something that seemed superficial. But I really believe I felt God tell me two things. 
1/ The station is similar to the old temples in that it is a reflection on Him. When guests, clients, supporters, and staff are here they should feel welcome and proud. When our neighbours see us, do they see a God who provides and takes care of His children?
2/ There’s this scene in the Bible where a prostitute pours expensive oil all over Jesus as an act of worship. Some of Jesus’ friends were upset that the oil wasn’t sold and the money given to the pour. But Jesus said the act was beautiful and right, preparing Him for what was to come. This brings us back to the idea that God is preparing the station and that these upgrades can be an act of worship to Him.

As we continue to work our way through the challenges that we face it’s good to know we are not alone. God is with us, preparing us. He has for us a hope and a future.

What is God preparing you for?

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