Bianca Manning a Gomeroi woman posing in a black tshirt and peach skirt.
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All things NAIDOC week with Bianca Manning from Common Grace on Aiden in the Arvo

This week on Aiden in the Arvo, Aiden caught up with Bianca Manning the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Justice Coordinator for Common Grace to discuss NAIDOC Week. Common Grace is an online movement of Christians from all denominations who are passionate about Justice and Jesus. Common Grace emerged to fill a gap in Australian Society, where there appeared to be a lack of both positive Christian action platforms and gracious public Christian voices.

Common Grace learn, engage, and take action on four key areas of social justice, being Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander justice, Refugee and Asylum Seeker justice, Creation and Climate justice and Domestic and Family Violence. These issues are learnt about in a theological context of why as Christians we should be concerned with justice in these areas.

Bianca spoke about how we see an example in the life of Jesus and the way that his love for people was expressed in relationship with people who were vulnerable. This was outworked in practical change.

The theme for NAIDOC week is For Our Elders. This is a core value of Aboriginal people, deep honor and respect for their elders. Bianca is a Gomeroi woman and understands that she is who she is and where she is today because of her Elders and those who have gone before her.

Aiden and Bianca spoke about the Voice to Parliament from Bianca’s perspective and she shared her thoughts.

There are NAIDOC week events happening all around the country this week, and it’s a fantastic time to head out and connect with First Nations People in your community.

You can hear the full interview below

For more information on Common Grace visit their website here

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