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Voting FAQs With the Takeover and James From the ECSA

Choosing which political party to vote for can be difficult enough on its own, let alone the confusion that can come with the actual voting process!

Last night, Maz and Lauren spoke with James from the Electoral Commission of South Australia (ECSA) on The Takeover to ask some of the most frequently asked questions in the lead-up to election day, such as ‘How can I vote if I’m in Covid iso?,’ ‘Can I vote in a different SA electorate if I won’t be in my area on Saturday?,’ ‘How am I supposed to fill in the white and green forms, and what do they mean?!’

Whether tomorrow’s vote will be your first or you’re seasoned in having your say, this chat will answer your biggest polling day questions, and may teach you something new about the whole democratic process!

Listen in here!

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