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The Bible

Bible Gateway

Bible Gateway is a searchable, free, online Bible resource, where you can look up verses in every different translation. If you have a distant memory of a bit where Jesus talked about fish, say, type it in to “keywords” and it’ll help you find the verse, chapter, and book.  

The Bible Project

The Bible Project produces short animated explainer videos giving modern, relevant and engaging overviews of various books and themes of the Bible. It’s a fantastic way of getting an overview of what the Bible is about, and delving in deeper to bits that can be harder to engage with or understand.  


YouVersion is one of the most popular Bible apps around. Download it on your device for instant access to pretty every translation of the Bible, with easy navigation. YouVersion also has a Verse of the Day, as well as a fantastic selection of daily devotionals of varying lengths, ranging from topical ones to specific books, and a framework for doing devotionals with others.

Wherever you’re at in your faith journey you’ll find excellent resources in the YouVersion app.