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We Are Thankful For You!

What an amazing week! Who would have believed we went from storms, flooding and power outages to such a strong position of faith, hope, and thankfulness.  

Thank you to everyone who supported the annual November appeal with their time, prayers and finances. It is a favourite time of the year for us here at Life FM. To hear all your stories and the reasons why the station is important in your life is truly a blessing.  

I am so happy to be able to let you know that the tally, as at time of writing, sits at 89% – $170,584! What a phenomenal display of God’s provision. We have no doubt He will continue to provide, allowing this station to keep impacting the community and keep growing better and better.  

David, CEO of the station, says 

“Thank you! Your financial support and even more importantly, the life-changing stories you shared, gave amazing encouragement to all the staff at the station”. 

The stories we hear are one of our favourite parts of appeal. Stories like Iris “I have been listening for years and I know how hard it can be to go through hard times. The encouraging words and music on Life FM have really helped us on the really hard days. I wanted to donate so that others can hear that God is good, even though it is a stretch to donate at this time.”  

“I generally give, gotta keep you guys on the air. At the moment it’s like everybody’s got money issues and Life FM’s not immune to that. It’s a God thing, because there are days when it’s just too hard to get out of bed and just do the normal things you gotta do. I’ll turn on Life FM, and this has happened countless number of times, it’s either a song or the Bible verse is read for that hour. It makes me stop and say ‘God is in control’ even when it doesn’t feel like it”. Warren 

Colin lost all his groceries in the power outage, they had to rely on others for showers and getting the kids ready for school – a school which was partly flooded. But God challenged them “to step out, and He has blessed us and equipped us… and we have enough money that we can cover some else’s donation who can’t donate… Our 15 year old son decided to match us and donate as well.” 

May these stories bless you as they have blessed us.  

Kind regards, 


Relationships Manager 

Life FM 

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