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We prepare ourselves for physical attacks by self-defence training, but are we prepared for verbal abuse? In Australia, text and spoken words are the most common forms of abuse. Many of us are not equipped with the skills or knowledge to respond to such situations.

Aiden interviews Social Kung Fu’s (SKF) Matt Purcell, founder and CEO of SKF, and Andrew Mooney, national program director. They discuss methods parents can use when their child is being bullied.

“I believe we will see a generation rise up to be defenders of truth and not be OFFENDED by the truth. A generation who are respectful, confident, and seekers of truth. ”

Matt Purcell, Founder & CEO of SKF

SKF is an organisation that tours around Australia educating students with communication skills. They believe the knowledge is valuable at any age, from primary school to high school.

For the full interview, have a listen below.

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