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Podcasts For You in 2023

If you are like us, you are always on the hunt for a good podcast. We have put together a list of some of the podcasts we are are listening to at the moment. These are a mix of faith-based and other genres and we have included some of our absolute favourites.

A small disclaimer needs to be included that some of these podcasts do have adult themes or genres that may not be suitable for you. We have noted the ones to be aware of.

The Dad’s Guide

Join Aiden and Matt as they work their way through all of the tips, tricks and tragedies that they are learning daily as they keep their tiny humans alive. Parenting from a Dad’s perspective this podcast on parenting includes episodes titles that are takes on known movie titles such as James and the Giant Beach. We love this podcast, not your average parenting podcasting.


This podcast is from the creators of This American Life and is an investigative journalism podcast. This podcast tells one true story over the course of a season. Serial is a multi award winning podcast. It should be noted that this podcast falls in the true crime genre and has adult themes. It is not recommended for young children.

Note: adult content true crime


Radiolab asks deep questions and answers them using investigative journalism. This podcast is hosted by Lulu Miller and Latif Nasser. Any given episode might take you through science, legal history, and into the home of someone halfway across the world. The show is known for innovative sound design smashing information into music.

Note: Language warning and adult content

Radiolab for Kids: Terrestrials

A Family-friendly version of Radiolab hosted by Lulu Miller, each episode introduces you to a creature or earthly phenomenon that will surprise you and defy the way nature is supposed to work. Listen with the whole family.

In Our Time Podcast

One for the history buffs, Melvyn Bragg discusses the ideas, people and events that have shaped our world. Definitely worth a listen if you love history.

Hidden Brain

One for all those interested in the scientific side of how our brain works. This podcast uses a unique mix of storytelling and science to reveal the hidden patterns that drive our behaviour and shape our choices. This podcast has interviews with Psychologists, behavioral scientists, and other experts and is a fascinating look at the human brain.

Little Home Organised

Bonnie and Lily are sisters from QLD with education and psychology backgrounds. A great listen for those who are looking to get their life admin a bit more under control. They take what can be a boring topic and make it a bit more interesting while giving some fantastic hints and tips. They also have online courses available.

Some Other Suggestions

The Lazy Genius Collective – A podcast for you if you are sick of being told all the ways you should live your life

99% Invisible – A podcast about design and so much more

The Sporkful Podcast – A podcast not for foodies but for those who like to eat. Language warning

Chris Demakes A Podcast – Hosted by Chris Demakes – this music podcast discusses the ins and outs of songwriting with various artists – Language warning

The ‘That’s Good From You’ Podcast

Sophie Gerrie and Emma Beames wrestle with difficult questions and learn to live in the tension. The “That’s Good From You” Podcast is a dynamic conversation about faith and following Jesus in a complex world. This podcast tackles difficult topics, with grace, biblical wisdom, and shared life experiences. Episode 13 What’s Up With Deconstruction? is a particular highlight for us.

Bought + Beloved Podcast with Kirby Kelly

This a podcast for those wanting to know more about the word of God and how it applies to faith and life. The podcast covers topics that really matter such as questions you need to ask before marriage, ways to reframe your shame and overcome addiction, coping with anxiety and depression, and more, from a biblical worldview. Worth a listen.

Quick To Listen

Hosted by Morgan Lee and Mark Galli and produced by CT (Christianity Today) this is one for those who are looking for something a little more in-depth and meaty. Every week the editors of CT put some time aside to explore the reality behind a major cultural event. Great Podcast for those looking for well-researched topical journalism-style podcasts.

The Rise and Fall Of Mars Hill

Hosted by Mike Cosper, this is a long-form investigative journalism-style podcast researching the journey of the American mega Church Mars Hill. There are differing opinions within Christian circles regarding whether this type of podcast is helpful or harmful. We listened and found it unbiased, well-researched, and an exceptional podcast. It asks questions that need to be asked and encourages critical thinking about issues facing the church today.

She Lives Purposefully

Hosted by Megan Holmes Edmonds, this podcast talks about living the way Jesus wants us to live – purposefully. Topics covered include friends, mental health, practical purpose and bible studies. This podcast is designed to equip you in your walk with Christ. This podcast is a little bit like having a chat with a friend. Worth a listen for sure.


This podcast explores aspects of life, faith, history, culture or ethics that is either misunderstood or forgotten. Interviewing people with expertise, the podcast aims to “undeceive” and let the truth out. Hosted by John Dickson. This podcast is for the deep thinker.

Other Podcasts We Love

The Leadership Podcast – Craig Groeschel

Your Move – Andy Stanley practical life application of faith based principles

Whoa That’s Good – Sadie Robertson Huff, answering just one question in an interview style podcast

Mornings with the Masters – Daily devotional podcast with Chad and Tori Masters

Dear Young Married Couple – Hosted by Adam and Karissa King both marriage counsellors

Confessions of a Crappy Christian Podcast – Hosted by Blake Guichet, conversations about all the things Christians aren’t supposed to talk about

There are so many great podcasts around, we would love to hear what you are listening to. Email us at email@1079life.com or contact us on socials with your recommendations.

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