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Moments for Mental Health: Dealing with Shock in the Wake of Jock Zonfrillo’s Passing

Australian and international chefs, foodies and TV lovers alike were shocked to hear the news on May 1st – the date the premiere of the 2023 season of MasterChef Australia was planned to air – that Jock Zonfrillo had passed away overnight.

Counsellor Ida spoke with Daz and Maz about dealing with such shocks, and how to seek help in the midst of tragedy, regardless of whether we’ve lost someone we actually personally knew, or just enjoyed watching on TV.

Please know support is always available. If you need help, call Lifeline (available 24/7) on 13 11 14 or the Life FM Careline (available 8:30am-10:30pm, everyday) on 7078 6261.

Listen to their interview below.

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