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It’s the Most Cold-n-Flu Time of the Year

It’s the most cold-n-flu time of the year
With the kids noses running
And everyone coughing, you’ll keep tissues near
It’s the most cold-n-flu time of the year.

There was this theory that after everyone staying home in the COVID season, there would be less cold and flus going around. But if my family is anything to go by, this is certainly not the case!

This has got to be my third cold for the year already and day three is not feeling much better than day one. So I turn to good ol’ Dr Google to see what I can do to help. There were at least a million different opinions but so many of them revolved around water.

So here is what I tried!

  • Add a few drops of lavender oil to epsom salts and bi-carb soda.
  • Throw this into a hot bath along with 6 bags of green tea. I think the instructions said 2 bags… but I was really over being sick!
  • Soak in the hot water for as long as you can manage while drinking a litre of water.
  • Et voila!

Was I as green as She Hulk? Yes

Did I feel better? Also yes!

Remembering my high school science lessons I know this doesn’t count as solid proof. Maybe I was about to start getting betting anyway, maybe it was all in my head. But I’m not keen to get sick again just to get more proof.

My gut feeling is that the combination of warmth, fluids and rest was probably the key.

But maybe this has worked for you? Have you got a tried and true method for getting over a cold faster? Or better yet, just never getting sick at all!! Wouldn’t that be nice!

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