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Put Your Hands Up For Life

When someone you know is struggling, would you put your hand up to help? 

Would you offer them an encouraging word, support their marriage?

Would you share your faith with them? 

Would you put your hand up to help someone pay for their groceries?

Our world is struggling with mental health challenges (such as depression and anxiety), relationship breakdowns (leading to isolation, divorce, and difficult domestic circumstances), and general wellbeing. These problems do not take a day off and neither will the mission to bring hope into these circumstances. The core mission for Life FM is to ensure that every moment of every day, hope through the love of Jesus is available and accessible to all.

But we need your help. 

Your partnership helps to keep Life FM broadcasting an ‘Always There’ Message of Hope and life across Adelaide, speaking into the lives and hearts of those in your community.

Life FM now has over 173,000 listeners tuning in each month, and your ongoing support helps impact every single one of them. Through great music, announcers, and biblical teaching programs, people can hear a Message of Life anywhere and anytime.

For many people, Life FM is family, a connection to a Christian community, and support. They depend on the station to be there for them exactly when they need it most. So, by putting your Hands Up For Life and Spreading The Word, you will be impacting, changing, and sometimes even saving the lives of thousands of families in Adelaide!

So how do you do it?

Step One: Pick a team! Show the world who your favourite announcer is, or how much you love The Roadies, or prove just how invaluable the admin team are and join them to help them reach their goal. 

Step TwoPut Your Hands Up and register yourself today. Create a page, set yourself a mini goal and get excited!

Step Three: Share your profile page link to your friends, family, co-workers, home group and church. There are incredible stories on your page to Spread The Word about. When you get your first donation, we’ll post you a pack with coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and snacks – so you can be fuelled with plenty of energy to put your hands up!

In a world of subscription services where we pay or we have no access to the articles, videos, or support services we need, this Hands Up for Life appeal is critically important. We ask you to give to an appeal like this so the people most in need of access to hope always have it.

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