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Growing Through Colour

This article was written by Breanna, a high school student doing work experience with Life FM.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been doing some sort of art – whether it’s sticking things together or drawing with a pencil. Most of all, I loved colouring in the most. I don’t know about anyone else, but I miss colouring in. I would go to my Grandma’s house during the school holidays, and for at least one day of the two weeks I was there we would get out the colouring pencils, books, and a sharpener and we would colour in for hours until it was 11 or 12 o’clock at night. But ever since I’ve grown up, I stay home and do nothing. I might go on my phone or my computer for a bit, but I don’t colour in as much as I used to. I think we should bring coloring in back to today’s families. Why? Because it does so much to help kids when they’re young, and we may not even think about the skills they develop when they’re colouring. For example……


For colouring in, creativity is a big bonus. Children can imagine their own little character, object or whatever they may be drawing, and they have to use their creativity to pick what colour they are going to use to colour in a certain section of the drawing.


For a child, concentration develops and gets better as they get older. Colouring in can help speed up the process a bit with them just focusing on the colouring in and not going outside the lines.

Hand & Eye Coordination

Hand and eye coordination can be improved by colouring in with them trying to colour in between the lines.

Colour Recognition

While colouring in, kids can learn to recognize colours which will improve their learning for when they go to kindergarten or primary school.

Family Time
Colouring in gives your family a chance to spend time together, talking, and making special memories to look back on.

I hope you can see how much value there is in colouring. As I reflect on my childhood, I can see how much it meant to me and just how much I learnt while spending time with my Grandma. Children have so much time on screens these days, myself included and this is something they can do that gives them a chance to put the devices down.

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