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Grassroots SA Sports with Hutts and Marksy – Concussion Special

This week on the Grassroots SA Sports Show with Hutts and Marksy the focus is on concussion. There has been a considerable focus on the issue of concussion in sports over the last couple of years and it is becoming more and more critical.

Hutts and Markys discuss the issue with a panel of experts, including Sue Pascoe, the Program Manager, Concussion & Community Education of the SA Sports Medicine Association, physiotherapist Julie Knights, Doctor Mark Ralfe, who has been a club doctor with numerous AFL and SANFL clubs, Carl Jones, CEO of Rugby Union SA, Chloe Newsome, a Port District parent.

Concussion in sports is such an important issue across sporting clubs of all levels, from grassroots to elite and this Saturday the team presents a show that can’t be missed.

Tune in from 8 am to hear this special edition of the Grassroots SA Sports Show.

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