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Family Matters Round Up

Throughout the month of May, Life FM celebrated families across Adelaide with Family Matters.  

The aim was to bring some family fun to listeners by offering FREE events for families to head along to and help out in whatever way we could. We all know raising a family is tough!  

The first event was on the 20th of May at Bounce Marleston. Parents, Kids, and everyone in between were bouncing off the walls (literally) with joy to be able to spend quality time with their loved ones at NO COST. Aiden and Maz were there broadcasting live and giving a great commentary on the fun that was had. 

“I listen all the time” said one attendee “it’s so special for the kids to get to meet you all!”  

“Thank you for getting this together! We never do this sort of thing”. 

The second event was even bigger! We were hosted by Woodhouse Activity Centre in the Adelaide Hills on the 27th of May. This huge event had our listeners and families tubing down the slides at high speeds, crawling, climbing, and swinging their way through the obstacle course and getting lost together in the a-MAZE-ing labyrinth. We had marshmallows and a campfire. I mean what more could you want?  

Despite the inclement weather, we had around 400 people hanging out. Bec, Matt, Maz, and Aiden broadcast the action so no one felt left out! 

Family really does matter. We can’t wait to bring you more of these events so keep listening! 

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