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Chemical Exposure – Wellness Wednesday

Synthetic chemical exposure can have damaging effects on the body. Sometimes, we don’t know that we are consuming or inhaling the chemicals. Kelli K, a Naturopath and Nutritionist, talks with the Takeover in a two-part Chemical Exposure topic. Part 1 is about synthetic chemical exposure; part 2 is about vaping.

In part 1, they discuss the synthetic chemicals in plastics, exhaust fumes, food pesticides, and body care and personal items like makeup. While it can be scary knowing we are being exposed to such chemicals, it is more about reducing our exposure than eliminating it – for that would be impossible.

Part 2 is about vaping and the misconceptions behind it. Does it help reduce smoking? Is it a healthier alternative to cigarettes?

For the entire discussion, have a listen below.

Part 1: Synthetic Chemicals
Part 2: Vaping

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