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Another Legendary Year

As part of our ‘Lunchbox Legends’ program, we have been encouraging our listeners to donate a lunchbox for underprivileged children across South Australia who don’t have a lunchbox of their own. We will pass the lunchboxes on to community group Cos We Care, an amazing organisation who will fill each lunchbox with a meal everyday. Founder and coordinator Ann Cooper expresses the importance of a child having a lunch box to call their own:

“They no longer are seen as different in the school yard or as receiving a ‘hand out’. By having their own lunch box with their name on it increases their self-esteem.”

Ann Cooper, Founder and Coordinator of Cos We Care. Listen below for Jodie the Roadie’s full interview with Ann.

We also had a number of SA businesses jump on board. Howards Storage World sponsored Lunchbox Legends and offered a discount to Life FM listeners to help them purchase more lunchboxes. A huge thank you to our collection points, Howards Storage World, Auto One Clovercrest, and Wallis Cinemas Noarlunga.

Thanks to your generosity, Life FM collected 433 lunchboxes for children across South Australia. We would love to thank our listeners, who have gone above and beyond with time and resources to donate lunchboxes.

SA Dental also jumped on board and collected a total of 80 lunchboxes across their clinics, bringing the total to 513! In addition to this, SA Dental donated toothbrush and toothpaste packs to Cos We Care.

Thanks to the work of Life FM listeners and SA Dental, we have collectively raised 513 lunchboxes for children in need.

On the 13th February, Life FM was joined by SA Dental and their mascot Max Molar the Plaque Patroller to hand over the total 513 lunchboxes to Cos We Care.

Thanks again to everyone who donated a lunch box. You are making a difference. You can listen to Jodie the Roadie’s interview of Ann Cooper below.

Jodie the Roadie’s interview with Ann Cooper.

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