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Air – a Film That Will Put a Spring in Your Step (Review)

Directed by Ben Affleck and starring Matt Damon as (Sonny Vaccaro). Air tells the story of the rise of the Nike and how some passionate people pitched and sold a young Michel Jordan and his family on his now world famous Air Jordan shoes.

Air combines the best bits of the 80’s aesthetic with modern film making sensibilities. it’s a film that will leave you thinking “Yes I can!”. Air is a story of overcoming adversity, putting everything on the line and the rewards of being bold and overcoming the odds.

As the films protagonist, Matt Damon brings a needed level of charisma to the role that will keep you engaged as his character, Sonny, puts his career on the line because of what he sees in a young athletes potential.

Some of the film’s most enjoyable scenes are the ones between Matt Damon’s Sonny and  Ben Affleck, as the spiritual Nike CEO (Phil Knight) and Viola Davies who plays Michael Jordan’s mum (Deloris Jordan). The latter of whose depiction is both wholesome and shows an inspirational side of parenthood. In fact, all of the cast of this film are clearly enjoying themselves and are a class to watch.

The plot points for this film are easily accessible in any number of Nike documentaries and historical accounts. in fact, this film is undoubtedly a Nike advert not so subtly disguised as a film. However, what those other mediums  don’t have is the sense of sincerity in which this cast brings to the silver screen. In doing so, the film provides a level of engagement that will appeal to people who aren’t even sports fans. Does this film cherry pick the more fun aspects of the story? Yes. But it also feels earnest in what it depicts and isn’t afraid to have a little fun with it.

Because of its subject matter, Air is more for the more mature or business minded members of the family. If you or someone you’re bringing along to watch wasn’t around in the late 80’s this film will make you feel like you were and you will enjoy the obvious fun the cast were having with making this film..

It should be noted that while the film is wholesome in its themes there is a noticeable amount of course language, not so much that it detracts from the film but enough to where you will notice.

If you are looking for an inspirational business minded movie with a great cast and some fun throwbacks, I’d say to give this a go!

I’d give AIR 4 Sneakers out of 5.

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